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SALT - School of Applied Learning in Testing.

SALT is not just any school, but a school of thought dedicated to channelizing human energy into guided action to the advancement of the software testing workforce. The SALT philosophy draws inspiration from the guided missile wherein much of the aiming happens after firing and the aiming continues till the actual strike. SALT believes in taking advantage of the lifetime learning of the individual. This is architected and refactored with precision interventions, along with any learning and development investments of companies. The individuals are systematically honed into high performing test professionals. To do this, SALT continuously identifies, acquires, develops, maintains, deploys and improves best practices in testing from organizations around the world. Our R&D is focused on advancement of thinking in software testing. Differentiating approaches to different technology situations that need testing. This powers SALT's methodology and frameworks to apply learning for high performance.


Unlike development, testing effort can be boundless. On an average testing can be 3x development effort to "assure" the application to full satisfactory level and still not be complete. Then test professionals need understanding, insights and skills better than developers. SALT draws learnings from some of the most successful testing teams and projects from around the world. We have studied the responses of testing programs that have been considered business success to create our assessment engine, learning calibration system and skill honing methods. While conventional training programs impart conventional testing techniques, the intense need is for skills for specific outcomes as being demanded by end customer companies around the world, which is what SALT aims to develop.

What SALT does

Talent and Performance Measurement

Testing is the measurement, a reading of attributes of a software. In the absence of an instrument to take out these readings direct, we have to rely on indirect and often complex means to determine the same. Measuring the tester's likelihood to measure software as desired is not all that simple. SALT's proprietary assessment system builds on insights and experience from over 300,000 assessments and certifications, to measure testing talent. SALT's predictive algorithm and model links and correlates tendency of talent to translate into just right, just-in-time work performance. Like the bearings of a compass, it helps determine the orientation to delivery exactly what the end customer is looking for.

Formative and Transformative Skilling Interventions

Bringing together 200+ person years of practitioners and managerial experience leading quality and testing programs for business critical apps, SALT offers a range of skill intensifying programs. These vary in formats from over-the-counter modules to extensive coaching and mentoring. The focus is less on cognitive knowledge and more on acquiring and maintaining a range of skills that can lead to on the job high performance as demanded by the client situation. That is not to say that knowledge is ignored. The focus is on deriving working knowledge out of all the knowledge accumulated from education and trainings.

Certifications and Performance Assurance

SALT certification is the culmination of the skilling and high performance orientation journey. For assuring knowledge levels we use our hugely popular industry #1 certifications. SALT takes this to the next level to certify skills and performance. SALT Performance monitoring is designed to ensure that the associate performs to the highest level of customer expectation. This goes way beyond lab settings.

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